On the go: Roll-up Fabric Bluetooth Keyboard


Eleksen Group have started distributing their wireless Bluetooth roll-up fabric computer keyboard, primarily as a solution for mobile workers using smartphones and PDAs where entry methods limit large amounts of data entry.

(Now before you start telling me that this isn’t new – I know it’s been around for a couple of years or so – but it is now apparently on general release.)

It’s a laptop-sized QWERTY keyboard containing all the standard features of a normal computer keyboard and is compatible with popular devices from BlackBerry, Nokia, Palm and Microsoft.

The makers have done studies that suggest that productivity could be
doubled with the use of such a keyboard rather than fiddling with tiny
keyboards built-in to mobile devices. Well they would say that.

The keyboard weighs 65g, has no mechanical parts, and can be wiped clean in case your Starbucks coffee spills on it.

Whether it’s possible for it to work directly on a lap is another
matter – it looks a bit bendy to me (well it would be) – but presumably
it’s best used on a desktop or hard case.

It’s priced at around £40.

Andy Merrett
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  • Is it possible to use this fabric keyboard with a regular laptop, particularilly the Sony Vaio UX 180

  • Is it possible to use this with a regular laptop- say a Sony Vaio UX180 micro pc with it’s teeny tiny keyboard? Does it only use palm software?

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