Olympus FE-190 stylish slimline compact digital camera


In our new camera marathon, time to turn our attention to Olympus who are also releasing new cameras in their FE (Friendly & Easy, apparently) range.

First up is the Olympus FE-190, a slimline compact at just 18.5mm deep done out in durable metal as per many of Olympus’ previous offerings.

It’s aimed at the ‘hobby photographer’ with button layout that equates to one function per button, a built-in help system, and nothing particularly complicated. Point and click is just what you want when you’re not trying to be arty or journalistic and just want great, simple photos.

It has a decent 6 megapixel CCD, 3x optical zoom lens, and ten themed
shooting modes including sports, indoors and fireworks. The LCD screen
is 6.4cm in size.

Previously less common on entrry-level compacts (well, mine doesn’t
have it) is an image stabilisation feature with ISO 800, which should
cut down on blurry pics. There’s also a super-macro mode for taking
close-up shots, and a movie-with-sound mode limited by the camera or
storage card memory. The internal memory is a respectable 22Mb.

All in all a rugged, compact, fun little shiny camera. It’ll be
available from September exclusively to Dixons. Price to be confirmed,
though naturally it will be a ‘very attractive price’.

Andy Merrett
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