Navman and Lonely Planet team up for "ultimate travel guide"


, makers of in-car satellite navigation systems, has announced a partnership with Lonely Planet to create ‘the ultimate travel guide’.

Now, not only can you be guided to your destination thanks to sat-nav directions, but you’ll get a Lonely Planet description and picture of what to expect when you arrive.

They’ve also introduced the NavPix system which combines a picture of a place with its exact geographical coordinates, meaning that you don’t have to know the postcode or exact location of a place in order to program it into your sat-nav system.

Navman has created hundreds of NavPix snapshots of various locations
together with up-to-date information from the Lonely Planet guidebooks
across major European cities including London, Paris, Milan and Madrid.

Content on the NavPix website is free to download onto the iCN720 and
iCN750 products, and you can also take your own digital photos and
store them on your sat-nav device together with your exact location.
Smart. And yes, you can share it online and thus create an
ever-expanding database with other users.

What do you think? Is this the ultimate travel guide?


Andy Merrett
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