Morpheus – the mood lighting pod


With the nights set to draw in very soon, it could be a good time to add a bit of warmth to our homes. And you could do it  simply by plugging in a light – the Morpheus mood lighting pod.

Morpheus is a rather smart little gadget that changes the mood in our home (or if you like, the workplace). It looks like a contemporary light (so you’ll be ok with it in your trendy flat), but once placed in the corner of a room, in front of a flat surface or inside a fireplace, it apparently "transforms" that area with colour. You can choose colours that add warmth in winter, go for cool blues in the summer or just set it to a colour that compliments your room. You can also set up a number of presets, so your colours change as fast as your mood or you can let Morpheus do some "morphing" – changing the colour range in your room subtly throughout the evening. To get an idea of what I mean, check out this gallery.

If you want to change the mood of your room, Morpheus is available now, priced around £65.

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