Milton Keynes soon to get WiMax – first in UK?


A tree… a flower… a concrete cow… a… a WiMax network.

Milton Keynes is set to be the first UK city to get a high-speed WiMax network according to telecoms firm Pipex.

Ironically, the town that’s famed for cheesy 80s adverts about how wonderful new towns in the countryside are, and whose planners scrimped on the communications network, using aluminium instead of copper wiring, could soon be the recipient of one of the most cutting-edge wireless communications networks in Britain.

WiMax is similar but more powerful to wi-fi technology – both operate using radio frequencies but WiMax can operate over miles rather than metres. It’s seen as a real alternative to 3G networks.

MK won’t get WiMax in one go, but it will be gradually rolled out across the city. Pipex is due to make an official announcement in a month’s time.

Longer term plans include a WiMax roll out to 8 UK cities by 2008, led by networks in London and Manchester.

Andy Merrett
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One thought on “Milton Keynes soon to get WiMax – first in UK?

  • I thought MK was already getting free WiFi supplied by Briteyellow? Wont this be rolling out throughout the city centre in the next three months?

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