Manchester City FC introduces mobile ticketing

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Manchester City
are expanding their trial of using fans’ mobile phones as tickets when they play Arsenal this weekend.

A select group of top customers have been supplied with modified near-field communication Nokia phones fitted with RF chips that enable the user to purchase electronic tickets and then operate turnstiles at the ground using special readers.

The system can also be used for targeted advertising and promotions, such as offering discounts to fans who arrive early, and providing wallpaper, ringtones and club merchandise.

The scheme will then be rolled out from Christmas, though it will only work with the modified phones supplied by Man City.

It will be interesting to see if this is something that can be extended to other clubs, and if some kind of standard emerges. It would be a tad inconvenient needing a different phone for each ground.

Nokia started trailing other forms of mobile ticketing several months ago.

Andy Merrett
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