Kids' favourites to kick off BT Vision broadband TV service

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Perhaps BT are hoping to appeal to young families with the announcement that its soon-to-be-launched BT Vision broadband TV service will feature Basil Brush and Postman Pat, in just one of a collection of deals BT have struck with content providers.

Oasis will also be making some kind of appearance on the new service (presumably not launching it in a grown-up version of how the Spice Girls opened Channel Five)

Actually, the service will air Oasis: Live by the Sea and Duran Duran: Live at Wembley.

There’s a few comedies and documentaries in the offing too, including
Doc Martin and Rosemary: Queen of the Kitchen. Err, yeah OK. And we
already know we’ll get time-delayed coverage of selected Premiership

BT Vision will be non-subscription based, with some content on a
pay-per-view basis, though it sounds as if customers will have to cough
up about £100 for the set-top box, plus of course they’ll need BT

What do you think about BT Vision? Does it sound like a worthy competitor to standalone Freeview, Sky and Telewest, or are BT a bit late to the party?


Andy Merrett
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