Kensington introduce notebook USB expansion dock with VGA


Kensington have released a notebook expansion dock with VGA output that works off just one USB port.

Connecting your notebook PC to the dock gives you access to a four-port USB hub, Ethernet, speakers, a monitor up to 19″ at 1280×1024 resolution at 32-bit colour depth, and stereo audio in/out. You can connect an external keyboard and mouse to use your notebook as your main desk computer.

Its wedge design also raises the notebook to increase the airflow around it.

It’s quite something to have everything controlled via one USB port. Part of it is apparently based on video compression techniques to reduce the bandwidth required. Not sure what speed Ethernet it will support, but presumably not the fastest available given the comparative speeds of Ethernet and USB2.

There’s no word on whether this is PC only or if it will also work with a Mac. Given the standard array of ports, it sounds Mac-friendly, but best to check first.

Not sure of a price for the unit, but looks to be available now.

Andy Merrett
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