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When I was a kid I always had a dream of owning a jukebox that I could load all my CDs into and play randomly. Then, along came the iPod which gave me a pocket-sized portable jukebox. But what if you could dock your iPod to a jukebox-esque gadget that will play your music, display your photos (or at least send them to a TV), and flash a lot of lights?

Well, it may not be to everyone’s taste, but the Jukebox Station from Pacific Rim technologies looks like a fun piece of kit to literally brighten up your room.

As for the sound quality, Pacific Rim describe it:

Complete wood enclose speaker system for clear quality sound enjoyment from your iPod. Within Jukebox Station sealed wooden enclosures comes the quality components used for amplifier and drivers with advanced design characteristic to produce high-quality clean sound. No more CD’s skipping while playing your music loud.

At one metre high, it offers a complete wood enclosed 80w stereo speaker system, FM radio, LED lighting system, speakers with woofer, mid-range and tweeters, 17 function remote control, universal iPod dock and audio input connections.

It’s available from October for $700 – not cheap. No word on whether it’ll make it over to the UK.

Pacific Rim website

Andy Merrett
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