Jessops offers free online photo storage


Having trouble squeezing additional images onto your memory card? You could transfer them to your hard drive or you could upload your photos to one of the numerous online photos sites, the latest of which is Jessops’ Picture House.

Picture House is an online photo centre for storing, sharing and printing images. It offers unlimited free storage for digital images, along with a selection of photo editing tools for red-eye removal, cropping out unwanted objects and lightening dark images. And once you’ve tidied them up, you can create albums of selected images online.

And if you want to print them out (presuming you haven’t got the kit to do so at home), you can choose images for printing, then pick them up from your local store on the next working day.

Find out more at the Jessops website.

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  • Kodak Galleries / Ofoto already went down this route and retracted: “A former employee has accused Eastman Kodak Co. of illegally tampering with the quality of customers’ digital photos and making false advertising claims, according to a statement issued Wednesday (29 March 2006) by the former employee’s attorney” reported DylanMcGrath in the EE Times. Not everything on the internet can be free. There are plenty of sites specializing in online photo sharing, which is a feasible service as long as there is a tap on the size. Jessop’s (Kodak) business idea to use print quality photo files for unlimited hosting is misleading.

    According to FotoInsight, providing photo sharing with free basic photo sharing features is feasible to finance through the sale of add-on premium services or advertising, as long as the image files remain small. Such online photo sharing sites follow or very different business model from photo printing services like FotoInsight, which specialise in real photographic paper prints and photo gifts requiring print resolution jpegs. Kodak already has to deal with the accusation by their former director of engineering Maya Raber, to have planned to “irreversibly damage photos”. FotoInsight’s Managing Director Klaas Brumann comments from Cambridge: “ is proud to facilitate the sharing of photographic memories with printed photobooks or online, across geographic boundaries. Our services endeavour to provide long term quality solutions.”

  • Jessops’Picture House ‘free unlimited photo storage’ account can be terminated if you are not an “active participant”, meaning you have to purchase something from the service provider Snapfish every 365 days. Otherwise you’ll lose your photos… duh! So much for the “free” unlimited storage! As we know, “free” is usually quite expensive…

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