IFA 2006: TDK announces 200GB capacity Blu-ray disc

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It’s sometimes hard to illustrate a jump in technology, but TDK has made it that bit easier, unveiling a disc for Blu-ray drives with a whopping 200GB capacity.

TDK’s new 200GB Blue-Laser disc doubles the capacity of their existing 100GB Blu-ray prototype and could store approximately 18 hours of high definition video (encoded at 24Mbps). The initial Blu-ray disc standard offered a choice of 25GB single layer Blu-ray discs or 50GB dual layer discs (as pictured). However, TDK has now managed to cram 33.3GB on each of the disc’s six layers to hit the 200GB mark on a single-sided disc.

The disc is currently a working prototype, with no shelf date confirmed as yet. We’ll keep you posted.

TDK website

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Dave Walker
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