IFA 2006: Philips GoGear SA9200 1/2Gb portable music player

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Philips have announced their GoGear SA9200 portable music player, with Nano-esque slimness and fairly good looks.

It will initally come in 1 and 2 gigabyte flash versions, so although initial storage isn’t as much as a Nano, it’s a good start. The screen is 1.7 inch (4 cm) colour and can display photos, but probably not video.

Even the controls sound iPod-like (though of course they’re not) with their SuperScroll functionality that lets you tap and drag with your fingers on the smooth control surface. The buttons glow blue.

It plays standard MP3 as well as Windows Media DRM10 files. There’s an optional docking station that works with the Streamium wi-fi hifi.

This really looks like a nice player with potential. Like its current and future rivals, it likely won’t kill off the Nano but it could do very nicely, particularly if it continues to develop its features and storage capacity.

They’re due at the end of summer (isn’t that now?) for around €149 and €199 respectively.

Philips website

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One thought on “IFA 2006: Philips GoGear SA9200 1/2Gb portable music player

  • Thus far I’m happy with my GoGear 2GB mp3 player. Although I wish it could play video clips, I wasn’t about to spend another $100 just to watch video on my player. I can wait until I get home.

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