Egge – the egg-shaped multimedia player

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Yes, you’ve guessed it – the Egge is so called because it looks like an egg. And this miniature 512MB or 1GB player from Korea also packs in the features, including digital audio, video, FM radio and a voice recorder.

It’s certainly got an eye-catching look, with the egg shape maintained by integrating all the controls inside – the only protruding parts are the catch (so you can wear as a pendant) and the USB cover. The Egge is a video player for WMV and AVI format clips, but features just a one-inch screen. This is compensated for by a glass covering that magnifies the screen to produce a more useable viewing area. And here’s a neat trick – a press of a button flips the screen upside down, so you can view it whilst wearing it round your neck.

For audio, it plays MP3, WMA (no DRM) and OGG files, along with FM radio. The Egge also features an FM and voice recorder, along with an equaliser. Music is transferred via drag and drop from your PC and battery life is around 10 hours per charge.

With earphones, neck strap and USB Cable, you can pick up the Egge player from October, priced from around £85.

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