Eeyore joins the cast of Transformers the Movie


80s children will remember the cult that was Transformers, a range of toys / cartoon characters that turned (‘transformed’, if you will) from alien robots into cars, lorries, helicopters and the like. Well, the age-old battle of Autobots vs Decepticons is coming back to the big screen in April 2007 with the new Transformers movie from Armageddon and Pearl Harbor director Michael Bay, which sees the robots descending on planet Earth. Early trailers don’t reveal much about the film itself (though we assume it a live action / cgi combo) but hint at a conspiracy theory surrounding the disappearance of the ‘Beagle’ Mars probe in 2003. The cast includes John Voight, Bernie Mac and Josh Duhamel, as well as the voice of Peter Cullen, who’ll be ditching the day job of playing Eeyore in Winnie The Pooh to voice Optimus Prime.

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