Ditch the watch: time's on your mobile


Wristwatches are being abandoned in favour of using a mobile phone or PDA as the source of the time, particularly amongst men, according to new research.

Women predominantly wear watches as a fashion item, whereas men are not so bothered, going more for the practical. And that practical approach says that if the time is displayed on one or more of your mobile devices, why wear a watch?

Some interesting statements have come out of a recent study by the US “Watches and Clocks” market research survey. One guy uses the lack of a watch as an excuse to chat up attractive women (by asking them for the time, of course) whilst his business partner has an expensive timepiece purely for fashion.

Meanwhile, the wristwatch that purely tells the time is out of fashion. Instead, some are prepared to spend significant money on a watch that does other things too – like having built-in GPS.

I haven’t used my watch since its battery died last year, and I just use my mobile phone or computer clock to keep me on time. How about you?

Andy Merrett
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