Coke to launch music promotion with iTunes

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Coca-Cola will begin giving away millions of free iTunes music downloads in the UK and Germany, in a new partnership with Apple that seeks to get Coke into the minds of the younger generation. Their previous own-brand attempt at an online music service – MyCokeMusic – folded this month.

Traditional advertising isn’t cutting it any more, so companies are forced to find new, interesting, interactive ways to engage with potential customers.

Coca-Cola have also jumped on the video website bandwagon, last week launching an interactive site allowing people to submit homemade video clips and photos.

“For Coca-Cola, it is clear that as consumers spend more time online and we need to find ways to become an important, relevant part of their lives,” said Tim Kopp, vice-president of global interactive marketing for Coke.

Apple have already done deals with Nike, Gap and Pepsi, and it seems to me that Apple are the biggest brand winners here.

Andy Merrett
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