CinePlayer PDP100: the thin DVD player you can wallmount

Home cinema

Can’t decide on the sort of art to hang in your living room? Ever considered putting your DVD player on your wall?

Most DVD players are bulky, unattractive boxes that you try your best to disguise underneath your TV (unless you’re really into metal boxes), but the CinePlayer PDP100 from NuTech is just 18mm thick, and works just as well vertically as it does horizontally.

Features are a bit thin on the ground – but hey, what does it matter when your home electronics double up as modern art?

What? OK, well it does play MPEG4 and DivX – as well as ordinary DVDs of course. And it should come with a price tag of sub-£100, so it won’t break the bank even if you really ought to be holding out for a new high-def DVD player.

(Via Gizmodo)

Andy Merrett
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