Canon's new line of DVD camcorders: DC19, DC21, DC22


Canon have catered to the emerging high-def crowd with their new HV10 camcorder, but they’ve also announced 3 new regular camcorders.

The DC19, DC21 and DC22 are 2.2 megapixel DVD camcorders that can all record in true 16:9 widescreen or 4:3 mode. As the model number rises, more features are added, so the DC21 has a 10x optical zoom, and the DC22 also has an AV input to transfer content from analogue devices.

Canon already have a DC40 with 4 megapixel recording, but these
mid-range offerings are aimed at "busy young families" (I don’t think
that’s a pre-requisite for buying though)

They can handle all the usual DVD formats including dual layer discs,
and also feature a SD memory card slot so that still images can be
captured even whilst filming. A single-layer disc can hold up to 36
minutes of high-quality footage, or 54 minutes of standard-def footage.

As with Canon’s other offerings showcased today, the DC models will be available from September.

Andy Merrett
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