Asus MyPal A639 – combined GPS and PDA with 1GB memory


Heading to Europe is the Asus MyPal A639, a device that offers both GPS and PDA functionality, with on-board storage of 1GB.

The MyPal A639 features a 3.5-inch transflective touchscreen TFT LCD, which can be used in both portrait and landscape mode, thanks to a swivel antenna, which keeps it parallel to the sky, ensuring best reception at both angles. The 1GB of storage should be plenty to store both maps and your music and files. If it isn’t, there’s an SD slot to boost it further.

The MyPal A639 is powered by an Intel Xscale 416MHz processor, operating on Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0, which means Windows Media Player Mobile, Pocket Outlook, Calendar, Internet Explorer Mobile and Word Mobile. As well as GPS connectivity, there’s also WLAN 802.11b and g, and Bluetooth, with the device also doubling up as a voice recorder, courtesy of a built-in microphone.

Exact price and availability details to be confirmed.

Asus website

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