Apple WWDC06: Steve Jobs' Keynote Speech coverage


Steve Jobs will deliver his keynote speech on the opening morning of Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference 2006 in San Francisco, and though I’m not lucky enough to be one of the assembled Applerati, I’ll be covering the key developments and announcements as Steve delivers his much anticipated speech.

Updates delivered as they happen, London time (SF is -8 hours) reverse chronological, after the fold:

5.59pm: Head here for live speech coverage.

5.55pm: Over the loudspeaker: "Good morning and welcome to WWDC. We ask that you move to the center of each row so that everyone can get a seat. Also at this time as a courtesy to your fellow attendees, please turn off cellphones and other paging devices. Thank you so much."

5.50pm: Getting very close to launch. New post will be going up in next 5 minutes.

5.48pm: Having some fun over in one of the Apple chat rooms (when it isn’t crashing):

Person x: Someone should start calling hte store and asking to buy "the new mac pro’s" or "the new ipods" and see what they say.
Person y: ya i agree
Person x: I’m calling.
I said: "I’d like to buy that new metal ipod"
and they guy said "Well, our stores are down and nothing has been released, so call us back in about an hour."
Read into that what you will.
What should i ask for this time?

Love it!

5.35pm: Apple Stores down – they’re being updated – presumably in time for the end of the Keynote when some new items appear (remember what happened after the Intel announcement)

5.19pm: Oh, there’s good old (standardised) 2.4GHz coverage too (according to this menu screenshot – wow exciting photo!) – so all the poor Mac bloggers can blog too!

5.13pm: Engadget have photo’d an Apple banner "Mac OS X Leopard: Redmond has a cat, too. A copycat."

This is gonna be Leopard’s day (if you don’t know what Leopard is yet, well, like, where have you been?)

5pm: One hour to go until Steve delivers his Keynote. If
it’s possible to get a buzz from this many thousand miles away, then
there’s a buzz. One Mac site which shall remain nameless is already
refusing to load, but anyway… reporting that Apple are using 5.8 GHz wireless that ‘only works with the new MacBook Pros’. Interesting.

Andy Merrett
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