Apple Rumour of the Day: 64-bit Macbook Pro in September


The Rumour: 64-bit Macbook Pro in September

Gizmodo picked up on a rumour published at citing ‘sources’ at PC notebook component makers Asus and Quanta, OEMs for Apple’s Macbook and Macbook Pro, suggesting that 64-bit Apple notebooks could be just around the corner. Apparently Apple is keen to get hold of Intel’s Merom processor.

This would follow nicely on from the 64-bit Mac Pro announced and launched last week.

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Given the speed at which Apple hardware seems to be evolving and being released at present, this may happen sooner rather than later. Apple will probably want as many of its new machines up to 64-bit capacity for the release of OS X Leopard.

I’m not sure it will happen as soon as September, though last year Apple made consumer announcements in October so it may fit around that.

New notebook processors in September? Hmmm, 60%

What do you think?

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  • I’m waiting for Macbooks to see 64bit then I’m upgrading. You can’t really keep waiting you have to think and see what you are going to use the most and if it will suit your needs. I figure 64bit is gonna be nice in OS X, so I’m just waiting for that. Also gotta wait for the first batch to go out to see if there are any huge issues like with the current Macbooks.

  • I think we’ll see the 64bit MacBook Pro’s in 2 to 3 weeks. I also think they will come with an improved cooling system. I have the money for one sitting in my account for 4 months now waiting for this upgrade!

  • Oh yeah I forgot to tell you what I thought about when they would be released. I bet Apple will announce them as soon as the supply of the old MBP (ones with core duo) get low…you can tell Dell is doing the same thing. All there laptops are one “sale”…likely trying to get rid of as many of the core duos as possible before releasing the merom (core 2 duos). Apple could also anounce it in Paris at the Apple expo in september…I bet its before that though.

  • I want want to get a MacBook Pro right now…I am waiting for the merom chip though 🙁 Do you think the merom chip will be up to par with the napa platform. I think the santa rosa platform will come out in April…should I wait for that too?

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