Apple Rumour of the Day: Mac Pro with a new design


On the day of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, it’s hard to pick out just one speculation on what Steve Jobs will announce. We’ve already talked of iPhones, but other rumours include new iPods, and features of the next version of OS X (Leopard).

For now, we’ll look at the as yet unannounced next generation of Desktop Macs. We’ve already seen Apple’s laptops and Mini’s go over to Intel chips – next it’s got to be the higher spec desktops.

Rumour has it that an external redesign of the next-gen desktops, possibly to be called Mac Pro, is likely – and in fact that’s probably what a lot of consumers would notice the most. It’s debatable whether a lot of users even care about the processor switch – and with the way consumer electronics are now also objects of design that must fit into the home, and Apple’s renowned design sense, a new body is probably coming.

Apple have created some lacklustre design upgrades in the distant past
(pre-Jobs), so let’s hope they continue their current trend and create
something aesthetically pleasing as well as powerfully functional.
Though it’s a desktop, it could also end up being part of a home media
network, so it needs to fit in.

Of course there’s going to be new desktop Macs – that in itself is a
dead cert – but an announcement today of a redesign and launch of "Mac Pro"? I’d say

What do you think?

Andy Merrett
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