Zyxel P-660HW: ADSL2+ router/modem on a budget

Broadband, Wi-Fi, Wireless home

Looking for a home networking solution on a budget that’s better than what your ISP provided when you signed up for broadband? If so, the Zyxel P-660HW could be for you.

It’s the entry-level offering in a new range of products from Zyxel and at just £47.99 including VAT it’s definitely a low-cost networking solution for the home or small office.

The price includes a USB wireless adapter, and this solution can also be used with the PL100 PowerLine Ethernet adapters for where signal strength is weaker.

Amongst the features that you expect to find on much more expensive products are a 4-port Ethernet hub, Media Bandwidth Management – allowing administrators to alter Quality of Service (QoS) settings to cater for critical network traffic like video and audio streaming – Firewall Security, IP Management, and Roaming Support.

As is usually the way, the spec sheet is littered with acronyms and technical details, but I hope to get my hands on one in the next few days, so you’ll either get a report from me on how good it is, or I’ll be sipping cappuccino from the local Internet café having knackered my Internet connection!

Anyone for Dynamic DNS?

Andy Merrett
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