Yay or nay: Transporter

Home audio

Earlier this week we featured the Transporter from Slim Devices, a cool but pretty pricey piece of kit that seeks to do away with your CD player and stream your digital music plus Internet radio and online music libraries.

So, is it hot?

Can it really do away with the CD player (how are you going to rip your tunes in the first place). Will people remember and have enough disc space to encode their music in a lossless format?

Regardless, I’d like one. Would you?

Andy Merrett
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  • I love that Philips thing. There are some issues with it though, especially its limited PC connectivity. So the sling is a nay for me

  • It looks a good bit of kit. However other such devices are already on the market, which may or may not be as good on sound quality.

    The budget level entry would be the Pinnacle Showcase 200 which also streams video to the TV.

    A slightly more expensive model is the Phillips Streamium collection. The main unit has a built in HD and will stream to smaller stations wirelessly that can be purchased seperately.


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