Wi-Fi Travel Tips

Propellerhead Top Tip

You’re probably gearing up for the summer holidays and if, like Propellerhead you are taking your laptop with you, to try out those exotic foreign hotspots — and I mean the wireless kind — then here’s a few things to bear in mind.

Don’t lower your defences, make sure your laptop’s Firewall is up and running whenever you’re connected (though you may need to switch it off temporarily to make the connection in the first place, just remember to switch it back on). The same goes for your anti-virus protection and that should go on holiday with you, and check that it’s up to date if you don’t use your laptop very often.

Switch off file sharing, you really don’t want to be sharing your personal and private data with people you don’t know and enable all of your PC’s password protection options, including the one in the BIOS. Keep your wits about you, be aware of people close by acting suspiciously, laptops are really easy to pinch.

You might want to think about ‘dressing down’ and not carrying it in a purpose-designed laptop case, it only take a second or two’s lack of concentration and if there’s any sensitive data on your laptop’s hard drive, encrypt it. More great Windows tips, tweaks, hints and freeware can be found at PCTopTips

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