Warning Forever! Zap those Alien Devils!

Propellerhead Top Tip

Normally Propellerhead avoids PC games like the plague but he just couldn’t resist this one. It’s called Warning Forever, by Hikoza. T. Ohkubo and it transports you back more than 20 years to the early 1980s and an almost forgotten video game system called Vectrex. It was revolutionary in its time as it used vector graphics to display boxy shapes on the screen but the games were fast and furious and a lot more challenging than the slow cartoon like graphics of rival systems.

But we digress, Warning Forever, is a classic space shoot-em-up in the mould of Asteroids and Space Invaders in glorious 2D vector graphics, but brought up to date with a lot of fancy effects. Your mission is to pilot your funky space fighter around the screen and destroy the nasty pink-laser firing ‘Boss Ship’. Well, you probably didn’t have anything important to do today anyway… Don’t forget there are lots more games and hundreds of tips in the PCTopTips archive

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