UK digital switchover is still a mystery to many


A new survey from Digital UK, the champions of digital TV awareness in Britain, suggests that almost a third of UK TV viewers are still in the dark about digital switchover.

Since Matt Lucas began voicing Digit Al, awareness has increased by 13%, but that still leaves a large portion of the populous yet to be educated.

Awareness is highest amongst the 65-74 age group, and lowest in the 16-24 age group, which might seem surprising except for other surveys that suggest the older generations far more tech-savvy than they might stereotypically be given credit for. Maybe they’re watching more TV, too.

Unsurprisingly, those in the first region to be switched off – Borders
– are very well aware, unlike Londoners where only 59% know.

Of course, lack of awareness doesn’t necessarily mean that people
aren’t prepared without knowing it. If the BBC are to believed, large
swathes of Britain are already watching digital TV through Freeview or
satellite, so don’t have much to worry about.

Maybe Peter Snow and his buddies need to do more work in getting people
to switch to digital before the analogue blackout is complete in 2012.


Andy Merrett
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