The ten words most often misspelled online


Far be it from me to point out web sites where there’s an obvious display of poor spelling – you’ll only pick up the spelling mistakes in my work. Better to leave it to online firm TextTrust who has compiled a list of the top ten words most often spelt incorrectly on web sites – or as their press release states: "we sites". That gives me a lot of faith in their proofreading service.

The top 10 words, and their correct spelling, are:

  1. Independant – Independent
  2. Accomodation – Accommodation
  3. Definately – Definitely
  4. Recieve – Receive
  5. Opportunites – Opportunities
  6. Thier – Their
  7. Occured – Occurred
  8. Infomation – Information
  9. Offical – Official
  10. Acitives – Activities

I wonder how much is down to poor spelling, versus poor typing, versus using online editors with no built-in spell-checking.

Or Microsoft Word where someone’s sabotaged the Autocorrect feature… ahem.

Andy Merrett
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