Testing a bullet-proof server… with a bullet


How does a multinational tech company prove that its servers will stand up to adverse conditions and keep running without a glitch?

Fire a bullet at one, of course.

Those mad boffins in white coats at HP decided to run a little experiment and film it. Of course, it’s shameless marketing, but fun to watch.

Take a HP XP12000 disk array, aim a mounted custom-made rifle barrel that delivers bullets with pinpoint accuracy, place a fish tank behind the server, then fire the gun…

The fish tank is no more, but are the videos streaming from the XP12000 still playing?

Watch the video to find out.

What’s amusing, in a sad way, is the bunch of disclaimers at the end of the film. Basically, if you fire a gun at your HP server, and it stops working, don’t blame them. They’re professionals. You’re not.

Read (Via Duncan Campbell’s blog)

Andy Merrett
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