TD Website of the Day


Welcome to a new feature at Tech Digest.

Website of the Day is where we showcase a fun, interesting, useful, or just plain quirky technology-related website.

There are no prizes for the site owners or those who nominate them – just the warm glow of recognition, and hopefully a few more visitors.

We’ll be selecting some of our favourites, but as we like to give everyone a voice here at Tech Digest, we’re opening it up to you to nominate your favourite tech-related web sites.

There aren’t many rules, but we’re not just going to link to the likes of Sony or Microsoft unless they’re doing something really interesting.

And we’re not going to link to a picture of your nan listening to her iPod – well, not unless she’s bungee jumping or abseiling at the time.

(No, that’s not an invitation for you to start a "One nan and her iPod" blog and then spam us mercilessly from it.)

Cool videos, people doing unusual (legal) things with their gadgets, interactive-ness, useful hints and tips. You get the idea.

Send your links and a brief description of why you’re nominating the site to [email protected]. Use a subject line starting WOTD and I’ll see your entry amidst all the junk mail I’ve just invited upon myself…

Get nominating.

Andy Merrett
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