Sony launches Micro Vault Tiny drives in Europe


Sony’s amazingly small Micro Vault Tiny drives were highlighted over at Shiny Shiny when they hit the Far East market, but the good news for European consumers is that Sony is bringing them over here.

The Micro Vault Tiny offers storage capacity ranging from 256MB to 2GB. It’s wafer thin at only 2.4mm and weighs just 1.5g. Using it is as simple as any USB device – just plug it into a USB compatible interface. As you’d expect, the flash device has low power consumption and fairly durable, but to protect it further, it comes with a colourful rubber carrying case, equipped with a clip and strap.

The 2GB device can hold up to 500 MP3 songs or high definition images and around five hours of MPEG4 video footage. In addition, the preloaded Virtual Expander software, enables the USB drive to hold up to approximately three times the native volume of data by automatically compressing and decompressing the read and write information on the device.

No news on a specific shelf date or price, we’ll keep you posted.

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