Sky+ subscribers increased 75% last year; HD subs hit 90k

HDTV, Satellite TV

Sky’s financial results to the end of June 2006 have revealed a 75% rise in the number of UK households with a Sky+ PVR, to more than 1.55 million. That accounts for one-fifth of its subscriber base, with 13% using Multiroom Sky to show content on more than one TV.

Orders for Sky’s new high-definition service reached 90,000, and whilst initial service delays due to manufacturing issues and high demand mean that only 36,000 orders have currently been fulfilled, Sky expect to have all current orders installed by this September.

To match this take-up, forecasts predict that 2.73m HD ready TVs will be bought in the UK this year, accounting for around half of all TVs sold.

Sky’s total subscriber base rose to 8.2m, which puts it on track to reach 10m by the end of 2010.

Its revenues rose pretty sweetly, except its acquisition of the EasyNet ISP, which it’s pinning much of its new broadband service rollout on. But don’t worry folks, Sky still has plenty of money.

Andy Merrett
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