Secret Text In Picture Files

Propellerhead Top Tip

Propellerhead has been trynig out a really secure way of hiding passwords and PIN numbers on PCs, or you could use it if you’re travelling, to send a personal or private message in an email picture attachment. It’s a technique known as Steganography. The idea is as old as the hills; secret messages have been tucked away inside familiar objects for centuries and this modern twist hides text in JPEG files. All you need is a little freeware utility called JP Hide And Seek (JPHS) and the clever bit is the image doesn’t look any different and the file size is virtually unchanged. For the record the top picture (left) contains a 50kb Word document.

The hidden message is also encrypted and password protected so the chances of anyone finding it let alone reading it is virtually zero. You shouldn’t need reminding but just in case you’ve forgotten or you are new here there are lots more security tips, tweaks and utilities to try at PCTopTips

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