Sanyo ICR 1000 dictaphone: great for those who like to talk


Long gone are the days of dictaphones with fiddly little tapes that kept jumping out and unspooling themselves. It’s all digital now, and with that comes the promise of more versatile and longer recording times, and compatibility with a PC for archiving and voice recognition.

Sanyo have just released their latest professional digital dictaphone offering. The ICR 1000 comes with a 256Mb removable SD memory card as standard, which means you can fit 35.5 hours of recording. Upgrade to a 1Gb card and you can record for 140 hours.

Of course, unlike a traditional analogue voice recorder, you have much more control over how to record. This shiny little chrome gizmo has three digital storage folders each of which can store 99 recording files.

The recording control is a single four-position slider that can be
operated one-handed between the record, review and play functions. The
ICR 1000 also has a Voice Activated Recording feature.

The recording sesnitivity can be set to accommodate different
environments: dictation, conference, and lecture. Other features
include a Cue Index and Cue Search for quick and easy location of
recordings, remaining record time indicator, three playback speeds and
insert/overwrite record setting.

Connections include an earphone and microphone socket, and a mini-USB 2.0 connection to PC for downloading recordings.

It retails for £229, so whilst it’s not the cheapest solution its impressive feature set and quality of brand should make it a reliable solution for the "power user" (can you be a dictaphone power user?)

Andy Merrett
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