Powerpoint virus killed off. Shame…


Oooh, wow man, so like they’ve found a vulnerability in some Microsoft software?

Yeah, it’s not exactly earth-shattering news is it? Still, I got to stick a big bug on the PowerPoint logo, so it’s not all bad…

I know viruses are usually nasty things written by unscrupulous people to do bad things to your PC, but there’s still something I like about the concept of a virus-ridden PowerPoint presentation.

Call me evil, then.

I’m sure the main purpose of this latest PP virus is to do something nasty and, err, viral, to a myriad of files and systems, but I got to imagining how freaky (though fairly non-fatal) it would be for the average charcoal-suited middle-manager if it just messed about with the presentations.

Would anyone notice the difference? There’s usually a sense of fear… or hate… or both, whenever the phrase is uttered: "PowerPoint presentation".

Secretaries and PAs scurry round at the eleventh hour asking IT nerds
how to get the fonts to match up, and how to import videos so that they
actually play, and how to get that graphic from the G drive that always
used to open…

Managers insist they checked that everything worked when they did a trial run before the deal-clinching board meeting…

I don’t know – to me, PowerPoint always just seems a little disappointing. Maybe a benign virus would jazz it up a bit?

Alternatively, lead the boring life and keep your virus definitions up-to-date. Yawn.

Andy Merrett
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