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The humble globe – for years the centre piece of many living rooms – and as near as many of us get to exotic locations. However, as this is 2006, a wooden globe doesn’t really cut it against the wealth of information you can pick up on the net, so how about this Smart Globe from Oregon Scientific – a mix of the traditional with today’s technology.

The Smart Globe is the first globe with downloadable content. It stores all kinds of geographical, political and even meteorological information, accessible via a Smart Pen. Place the nib to your chosen destination and listen as the information is played through the globe’s speakers. The Smart Globe comes complete with software (via your PC), so you can select the language and age level, meaning content is tailored to your child’s age. And the information is regularly updated via the net, so you’ve got the most current facts and figures to hand.

Available from September onwards, the Smart Globe should retail for around £90.

Oregon Scientific website

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Dave Walker
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