Motorola could topple Nokia as 2007's mobile king

Mobile phones
Share have published an interesting article suggesting that, if Motorola continue to produce great handsets at the same rate, they’ll overtake Nokia as the largest manufacturer of mobile handsets in early 2007.

That’s quite something, given Nokia’s dominance.

The report from Strategy Analytics showed that over the past year, Motorola’s average growth rate was 52% compared to just 32% for Nokia. Though Nokia are still selling a greater volume of phones – 78m compared to Motorola’s 52m in the second quarter of this year – they’ll need to be on their guard and improve their entry and mid-level products if they’re to maintain their top position.

Neil Mawston at Strategy Analytics suggests that both companies need to continue to improve and innovate. This will be an interesting race to watch, and some strong competition should provide us with even better gear from both companies.


Andy Merrett
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