Microsoft "iPod killer" out by Christmas?

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According to Reuters, Microsoft aims to launch a media player to battle Apple’s dominance with the iPod, which they hope will be on the shelves by Christmas. The news has become public via entertainment industry executives who have allegedly been briefed by the software giant.

It’s big selling point will be wireless connectivity, with Microsoft set to introduce a rival download site/jukebox to iTunes for access for music purchases and for organising music archives. According to one un-named source quoted by Reuters: "They’re proposing an iTunes model approach. They’re now interested in controlling the whole vertical stack of technology from the device to the service to the software."

Other reports suggest J Allard, the vice president of the Xbox team from day one, is working the new media player, with prototypes of the player going out to record industry executives in the next few weeks. If that’s the case, we’d expect more details to appear then – as these things are rarely kept quiet.

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