Make Caps Lock Behave Like Typewriter Keyboard

Propellerhead Top Tip

You wouldn’t think it but the humble computer keyboard annoys the hell out of a lot of PC users, especially those of a certain age, who like Propellerhead, learned to type on a typewriter. The Caps Lock key is one of the biggest bones of contention, and in particular the way it behaves, which, is quite unlike the way the Shift Lock key on a typewriter works.

If you’ve never got used to it, or you just want to see what it was like in the olden days then here’s a simple little tip that makes the Shift key work like a typewriter and cancel caps lock. All you have to do is go to Regional and Language Options in Control Panel, select the Languages tab and click the Details button then the Key Settings button and under ‘To turn off Caps Lock’ select Press the Shift Key’.

If the Key Settings button is greyed out you’ll have to add a second keyboard (e.g. English United States) to the list by clicking the Add button; it’s okay your existing default keyboard setting will not be changed. When you’ve finished keep clicking OK to exit the dialogue boxes. There’s a full archive of tips and tweaks, plus all of the very best freeware tools and utilities at PCTopTips

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