Lock Your PC with the Matrix

Propellerhead Top Tip

There are various secure and very sensible ways to lock your PC when you are away from your desk but here’s one Propellerhead has found for fans of The Matrix. This small system tray application, called Matrix Screen Locker is freeware and it does precisely that stopping unauthorised use of your computer and at the same time displaying the familiar screen-full of tumbling green characters. Stare at it long enough and you really will believe you’re seeing things… Control of your PC in the ‘real world’ is only possible when you enter the correct password, and no young Neo, it can’t be defeated by pressing Ctrl + Alt + De. There are plenty more security tips where that came from, along with hundreds of other PC tweaks, hints and freeware programs at PCTopTips

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One thought on “Lock Your PC with the Matrix

  • And the diffrence between one of the hundreds of free matrix code screensaver combined with the windows (xp) built in password functionality is?

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