LG's new L203WT and the M203WA 20-inch widescreen monitors


With DVD drives pretty much as standard on PCs these days, not to mention high-speed downloads, it’s no wonder we’re looking for bigger and better monitors to use our computers to the fullest. LG has introduced two new models that are certainly worth considering – the L203WT and the M203WA 20-inch widescreen monitors.

The LG L203WT uses a contrast ratio of 1600:1, coupled with a fast response time of 8ms, which should eliminate ghosting and provide a smoother, flicker free image – a big plus if you’re watching movies or playing games. It’s also enhanced by LG’s DFC (Digital Fine Contrast) technology which automatically adjusts the contrast ratio to its optimum setting for the task at hand and, for anyone working with high resolution video files, the screen resolution of 1680 x 1050 (WSXGA) further enhances the image quality and clarity. And there’s LG’s Flatron f-Engine picture enhancing chip which optimises images through local colour manipulations in movie, text and picture modes, beneficial when displaying high quality photographs and movies.

The M203WA is a similar 20-inch widescreen monitor, but with an integrated TV Tuner and speakers, giving you the ability to watch TV programmes through the monitor plus the opportunity to record live TV.

The L203WT and M203WA are available now at around £349 and £399 respectively.

LG website

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Dave Walker
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