Improved View for Startup in Msconfig

Propellerhead Top Tip

If you’re a regular visitor to the Propellerhead website you will know all about the Microsoft Configuration Utility (type ‘msconfig’ in Run on the Start menu) and the notorious Startup list, which is one of the first place to look when your PC starts to behave oddly.

Many programs, utilities and services — wanted and unwanted — install themselves on the Startup list, usually without asking your permission, so they start automatically with Windows and in only a short time you’ll find Windows slowing down under the weight of these (mostly) unnecessary processes. Unfortunately the Startup list isn’t very well presented and it’s difficulty to see what the entries are. Most of them are quite long and full of gibberish so you find yourself making the columns wider or using the horizontal scrollbar.

There is a better way, just press Ctrl and the ‘+’ key on the Numeric Keypad and the columns automatically expand, so you can see exactly what’s there.

Don’t forget, if you still can’t make sense of the entries, you can find out what any of them are for, whether they’re a waste of resources, a threat or essential to your PC’s well-being on the Sysinfo website, and if you want to try some more great tips head over to the archive at PCTopTips

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