Google continues to grow: profits double last quarter

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Google excelled in the second financial quarter, even by its own standards, as its profits more than doubled.

In the three months to the end of June, Google’s net income was $721m, compared to %342m for the same period last year.

Google has certainly been driving forward with more products and services, and whilst they have diversified greatly since their inception, they are still primarily focused on increasing the quality of search and ads.

Such monumental growth surely can’t go on forever, but at present it’s hard to see who will come along and take Google’s crown. Yahoo don’t seem to be a contender, and I still think Microsoft got into the search game too late.

Some saw diversification as a weakness, but continued innovation under the Google umbrella seems to be working, though I think Google could spend a lot more time improving its core business: search.


Andy Merrett
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