Funai's 3-in-1 HDR-B2735 video/DVD player and recorder

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  I think it’s safe to say that the VHS market is on its final legs – but that doesn’t mean to say we haven’t all got piles of tapes still knocking about the house (including many things yet to be released on disc). Which is where Funai’s 3-in-1 HDR-B2735 video/DVD player and recorder makes itself useful.

The HDR-B2735 features a 160GB drive, which should offer up to 100 hours of recording time to the drive alone, though you do have the option of recording to the 6-head, hi-fi video recorder or DVD disc if you so wish. Though for me, one of the biggest bonuses of these kind of combined units is the ease of which you can transfer all your old video recordings (copyright permitting of course) onto disc, wihtout having to stick yet another box under the TV and add even more wires to the spaghetti pile.

It also features simple set up, one touch recording and the option to view one channel while recording another.

You can purchase the Funai HDR-B2735 now, priced around £300.

Funai website

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  • I have been fairly satisfied with this product up till now. I have recently tried to dub some of my recordings from the HDD to DVD and it appears everything i have recorded from my ntl cable box on AV2 will not dub to DVD, the dubbing menu wont even recognise it. Very disappointing since that is about 99% of the contents of the HDD. Would appreciate any help anyone could give me with this!

  • Funai b2735. Just purchased one of these and quite frankly I am very disappointed. Of course I may be doing things wrong..when playing a pre-recorded video sound is nearly non-existent (Funai say its because “video is old hat” or “purchase a gold scart” (think fobbed-off is the comment here), how can you record satelite when wanting to watch terrestrial and vice versa, can you actually watch a dvd when recording tv to either the video or hdd?

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