Free Internet Phone Rival For Skype


Skype pretty much rules the roost when it comes to Internet telephony and its free PC-to-PC service has millions of fans but there’s a new kid on the block called the Gizmo Project. The basic software is free, just like Skype, and it has all of the usual VOIP facilities, including free PC to PC calling, conference calls and so on but here’s the killer features. First it’s an open source program so it should be compatible with other VOIP systems but the big news is that outgoing calls to overseas landline and mobile phones are free. So what’s the catch? There isn’t one, except that the person you are calling must also be an ‘active’ Gizmo user (active means making a few calls per week). If you want to take incoming and make outgoing calls to non-Gizmo users there are a couple of paid-for call plans but even so the rates are still very low. 

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