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Denon’s been making hi-fi equipment for almost 100 years – and very much at the quality end of the market. That’s still applicable to Denon’s new 700AE Advanced Evolution series of hi-fi component units – even though it does’t have the top-end price tag.

The 700AE units are well built with solid alloy fascias and heavyweight power supplies. The Denon DCD-700AE Stereo CD player includes the company’s unique AL24 processing, has ‘Pure Direct’ mode and can play CDs with MP3 and WMA files. It even even has pitch control for music lessons and more.

The Denon PMA-700AE Stereo hi-fi amplifier is described as "fully discrete", with a High Current (HC) Single Push Pull Circuit, high-speed, large-capacity power supply, audiophile-grade capacitors and a clean, straight-path circuit design – all delivering an impressive musical performance.

The Denon PMA-700AE and the DCD-700AE are avaialble in a black of metallic silver finish, priced at £249.99 each.

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