Casual Game: King Of Buttons 3 will rock your fingers


Casual games are marvellous. Why are they called casual? Because if you play them too much at work, you’ll soon be casually sauntering down to your local job centre of course. Which is why I’m posting this at 6.15pm on a Friday night. It’s to save you from yourself. Anyway, casual game of this week is King Of Buttons 3, a button basher in every sense of the word (complete with images of old-school arcade buttons).

It’s a collection of 15 mini-games that all involve hammering your space bar like a madman (albeit a slightly more controlled and rhythmic madman in some of them). Pick of the bunch is the Rhythm mini-game, which asks you to hit the key in rhythm to the beats of a fairly fierce drum’n’bass tune. Genius! Now get me a plaster…

[via Addicting Games]
Stuart Dredge
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