Can Your PC Read Your Mind?

Propellerhead Top Tip

Rumours continue to circulate that computer programs have been developed that can read your mind and might even be a security risk. The Mystic Ball demonstrates how the technology works and in our exhaustive tests it scored an astounding 99.9 percent success.

We’ve seen at least nine plausible explanations, including secret Intel chips inside your PC, which are sensitive to brainwaves, or Microsoft have developed software that somehow manages to minutely examine eye or mouse movements. Whatever the explanation it has the best minds at Propellerhead completely baffled. And if you do manage to work it out please don’t post a comment and give the game away, we’ll have the solution tomorrow, after 9am…

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One thought on “Can Your PC Read Your Mind?

  • The solution is fairly simple. I won’t divulge the secret, but a clue. Remeber that any two digit number is the same as 10*x + y, x being the tens number and y being the ones. Using basic algebra you should be able to work out the rest.

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