Apple own up to whining and discolouring MacBooks


It seems Apple is facing up to its responsibilities and admitting that there are teething problems with the early MacBook and MacBook Pro notebook computers – the first to use Intel’s dual-core processors.

Early-adopter users have known for some time that there were problems, and fortunately Apple now (almost) officially recognises it.

MacBook Pros which whine or buzz will have their logic boards replaced – Apple was actually quietly doing this under warranty.

They haven’t openly admitted that white MacBooks discolour, but an internal memo seems to note the problem.

A limited batch of serial numbers for early machines inflicted with either of these problems should be able to get cleansing or replacement as required.

With Apple’s perceived premium prices and classy design,  inevitable problems with first editions of hardware and software are even easier to spot. Apple haven’t always been quick to admit mistakes and sort customers’ complaints out, but this time at least things seem to be under control.

Andy Merrett
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