Advanced wireless communications system successfully used on London Underground


Good communication is key in an emergency situation, but existing systems on some of our transport networks is not as good as it could be.

Anvil Technologies (Canada) and Primetech (UK) have developed the RECoN system which tests on the London Underground have proved can be deployed quickly and used efficiently.

In the demonstration, Voice Over IP (VoIP), live video and data was transmitted from Aldwych station’s platform level to the surface, and via satellite over the Internet. It was also shown that ‘first responders’ using different, normally incompatible, systems could successfully communicate with one another.

"We believe that RECoN(TM) is a superb solution," said Henry Walker, Managing Director of Primetech. "The underlying technology is already in use with various agencies and armed forces globally. It is easy to use, lightweight, deploys in minutes, is highly secure and can be carried by a person anywhere, anytime. Running off batteries, generators or solar panels, it is not dependent on local power supply."

"RECoN(TM) provides more than just voice communication. Incident Commanders will benefit significantly from the enhanced situational awareness, that is, the ability to view live data streamed from an incident. They will also be able to retrieve critical or sensor data."

RECoN uses the underlying Rajant BreadCrumb auto-meshing network – basically a system that’s very good at getting a variety of equipment to talk to each other.

This sounds like a superb mobile solution to the problems associated with coordinating rescue services in difficult and dangerous environments.

Andy Merrett
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